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This page has information and instructions on "How to Measure Your Feet and Legs for Western, Cowboy and Riding Boot Resizing and Alterations."

Please read the entire instructions before starting.

Items you will need to accomplish this:
1) Seamstress Measuring Tape
2) "Measurement Chart" below.
3) Painters Tape
4) Pen, pencil or Sharpie ® fine tipped marker
5) Friend to help take measurements
6) "Customer Information" form below.

Now you are ready to take the measurements:

1) Use the "Measurement Chart for Boot Besizing" for your friend to record your measurements. See below "Where to Measure" for clarifications.
2) While standing, have your friend place the painters tape vertically down the outside of your leg from just above the knee down to and under your heel.
3) Your friend now looks at the "Measurement Chart" and makes horizontal marks on the Painters Tape with the Sharpie ® for each place where the circumference measurement is needed ("A", "B", "C", and "D").
4) Your friend now measures from the floor up to each point to know the "PRECISE HEIGHT" where each circumference will be measured: "A", "B", "C", and "D" and records the height measurement in the "HEIGHT" column on "Measurement Chart" -- to be measured at same precise height for both legs. Please see "Where to Measure" below.
5) Your friend now repeats steps 2 and 3 on your other leg.
6) Your friend now takes the CIRCUMFERENCE measurements for points "A", "B", "C", and "D" for each leg and records the results on the appropriate column "AROUND" on the "Measurement Chart.".
7) If we asked for measurements for "E" & "F" (please see "Where to Measure") then continue to step 8 if not continue to step 9.
8) Have your friend measure the heel "E" and the ball "F" and record in the appropriate column on the "Measurement Chart".
9) Fill in "Customer Information" below.
10) Send in your information and measurements with your boots to:
Tulsa Shoe Rebuilders
5455-C South Mingo RD
Tulsa, OK 74146

Phone 877-313-0675

Don't be surprised if the measurements are slightly different for each leg - that is quite normal with all our limbs, feet, and fingers. Also, if you plan on wearing pants or jeans inside your boots you should take another set of measurements the same way with the pants or jeans you will be wearing inside the boots after the alteration. Place the painters tape on your pants or jeans and use the very same height from the floor (bottom of your heel while standing) to get the measurements just like you did without pants or jeans.

Use two sets of the diagram and mark one "without jeans" and the other "with jeans."

"Customer Information"


Street Address:______________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip:______________________________________________________________

Daytime Phone:______________________________________________________________

email address:_______________________________________________________________

Preferred method of contact: email______ text msg:______ telephone:______ US Mail:______

Tell us about the work you need done and any special information to be considered:








Note: No need to send payment with package as we will call you when we receive your package and again when ready to ship to get payment information. You may also utilize PayPal.

"Where to Measure"
Top"A" Measure to lowest point of the knee joint
Calf"B" Measure to the largest part of the calf
Mid"C" Measure up to halfway between calf and ankle
Ankle"D" Measure up to one inch above ankle bone
Heel"E" Measure foot around bottom of heel to bottom of leg -- top of foot
Ball"F" Measure around foot at ball area (broadest-thickest point)
Note: Do not have weight on foot for measurements "E" and "F"

leg measurement chart for bootmaker leg/foot measurement chart for boot resizing and boot alterations

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